Gasahol - Tar & Varnish in carburters

Gastonia, North Carolina 1 comment
Not resolved

Surprised I haven't heard more about this !!!!!!

#1 I winterized my engines with stabilizer as instructed.

Thanks to Ethanol, (I'm being told) causes this.

2 mowers.......1 pressure washer.... tiller..and generator

Carb on generator was so bad had to be replaced $129.00

Other 4, tar and varnish so bad in carb bowel so bad could dig

out with finger.

Even changed brands of fuel.Any suggestions ?

Local repair shop, says best thing he's ever had for business.

SCREWED AGAIN...........Olepops

Would like to hear some others comments,needed eight more words.Oh Oh Oh oh

Review about: Gasoline.



Anyone else having this prob ??????

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